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IWOM Back story is a place which provides material sharing for "WOM white papers", "IWOM watch", "Social Business eNewsletter" and "Social Media Infographics". You can download all resources here (IWOMmaster ID will be required when downloading PDF)


What is a IWOM White paper
As a thought leader in IWOM, Kantar Media CIC launched its first white paper in 2006. We have been launching regular white papers ever since.


What is IWOM watch
As a professional online behavior consultancy, we always pay close attention to the latest hot issues online and issue IWOM watch reports every month. It serves as a timely update of "Marketing 2.0 and PR 2.0" in China and can be used as a reference for Internet Word of Mouth strategy planning. It is part of Kantar Media CIC's retainer service package for many of our clients.

We also provide separate biannual review reports which offer various highlights of our IWOM watch content covering 6 months at a time.


What is Social Business eNewsletter

Kantar Media CIC’s Social Business Newsletter brings you key industry news across 6 categories; Internet dynamics, social media, e-commerce, IWOM Mark, latest data and recommended social business articles. If you are interested in China’s social media and social business development and want to get this information in a timely, accessible format, we recommend you to sign up for an IWOMmasterTM subscription now. 


What is Social Media Infographics

Since creating the first infographic of China’s social media landscape in 2008, Kantar Media CIC has remained dedicated to offering a visual representation of the data and insight expressed in our reports. Now, Kantar Media CIC regularly releases outstanding infographics focusing on the Internet, social media and social business in China, promoting wider understanding of the world’s most unique, fragmented and dynamic digital landscape. Our collected infographics are available to view on Huaban

What is Viral Video Cinema

The Viral Video Cinema sources and screens the best in creative ads and micro movies, covering categories like Beauty, Sports, FMCG, IT, Food and Beverage, Luxury, Education, Auto and much more. 

We currently have more than 700 videos in our back catalogue. There are now 41 lists in the official SEEISEE video bank on Tudou.com and Youku.com and the curtain’s just gone up.



White Paper
Kantar Media CIC 2017 China Social Media Landscape
Social Media Infographics
1/30/2018 View larger

Every 60 Seconds in China 2017
Social Media Infographics
1/29/2018 View larger

Digital advertising industry growth at risk without comparable global measurement
White Paper
25/04/2017 DIMENSION, a new international study into consumer and industry attitudes to advertising by Kantar Media, has shown that a lack of consistent, comparable measures to understand the audience and gauge the effectiveness of advertising is a significant concern for those working in the communications planning ecosystem. Unless consistent metrics across traditional and digital channels are developed, industry growth will be put at risk. In parallel, over-targeting threatens to alienate consumers who, broadly, have no fundamental problem with advertising, and damaging their relationships with brands.
Download PDF
Every 60 Seconds in China
Social Media Infographics
10/11/2016 View larger

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