CIC 2010 Syndicated Reports (SNS, Skin Care, Hair Care, IT(Notebook))

Every 60 Seconds in China

Kantar Media CIC Launched "Every 60 Seconds in China" Infographic.
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2017 China Social Media Landscape

Kantar Media CIC’s Chinese Social Media Landscape.
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CIC 2010 Syndicated Reports (SNS, Skin Care, Hair Care, IT(Notebook))


A CIC tradition by now, our syndicated reports are a product line that we take pride in. Employing CIC proprietary technology, our top analysts and researchers strive to bring you a wide range of reports focused on various industries and topics. Our unparalleled IWOM and China social media expertise, the dedication and passion with which we make sense of the buzz, as well as our client portfolio guarantee that our reports deliver exactly what your brand needs: the knowledge and tools to harness the power of China’s social media.

An IWOM Topic Overview Report focused on SNS in China: Your guide to SNS consumer insight and digital intelligence from Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM)

Report : SNS (Social Network Service)

Brief: Regardless of your industry or brand, your marketing departments have felt or are feeling the pressure of incorporating social media in their strategies. As a matter of fact, social media is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Given that more often than not social media is uncharted territory even in the West, how much more difficult would taking on the Chinese social media be? It is precisely here that CIC’s SNS report can make an enormous difference. The insights contained in our report will arm you with the knowledge of the dynamics of Chinese social media, the players, their interactions, and will provide you with the tools to start planning your strategy.

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  Table of Contents


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 • China IWOM Introduction
 • Current Status Overview of the SNS Industry
 • What is the Connection Point between Brands and SNSs
 • Future Trends in the SNS Territory

 • White collars set up camp on Kaixin001
 • Lohas juice joins the web game revolution and boosts offline sales.
 • Chevrolet plays around with China’s netizens.
 • Apple Campus - Apple sends netizens to online school.
 • The SNS-enabled mobile phone war

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IWOM Watch

We don’t need to tell you that the Chinese Internet is in perpetual motion and constantly changing. But we CAN tell you all about what’s hot and what to watch out for, we CAN dissect and analyze the current trends, and we can do it in a timely manner. Our MONTHLY IWOM Watch reports keep a close eye on developments within the Chinese social media as they occur. Stay in tune and up-to-date, order your own subscription to our IWOM Watch reports.

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IWOMdiscover is developed by CIC, China’s leading Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) Reasearch & Consulting firm and it is a IWOM-monitoring platform tailored for internet marketers, PR, media and internet professionals. IWOMdiscover allows you to monitor topics, discussions and trend changes in a timely and comprehensive manner. Monitoring of internet sentiments and brand image, PR and crisis management, online tracking of marketing campaigns has never been easier or more reliable. The advanced and unique semantic analysis engine will efficiently focalize and accurately classify the enormous amount of internet data, as well as offer prompt negative sentiment alerts and crisis warnings.
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Social Media training

We are delighted to offer training sessions on China’s Social media. As the leader in Internet Word of Mouth research & consulting, CIC can help you understand the dynamics of the intricate and powerful environment that is social media. Should you be interested in booking one of our tailor made training sessions, we’d be happy to hear from you.
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