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CIC is China's leading social business intelligence provider. CIC enables businesses to fully leverage the power of social media and IWOM intelligence across the organization. In addition to helping companies leverage social media intelligence for more informed decisions, CIC is monetizing the social business industry in China by creating an integrated social business support system.

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China's first social business support system (SBSS). An integration of tools and services that empower enterprises including brands, agencies, and media to establish, develop and manage their own social business knowledge, applications and network inside and outside the organization.
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  • October 27,2014

    Sam Flemming, CIC Founder and CEO, along with Isabel Hilton, China Dialogue CEO and Editor, will give a speech in London, U.K. about “Life Online: The Power of China’s Expanding Cyber-Society”, sharing their viewpoints of Social Media’s enormous implications in China, and tremendous growth in citizen journalism as well as information sharing.

  • August 07, 2014

    CIC launches real-time eCommerce, WeChat insights and Global Coverage of 67 languages.  
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Using Cultural Cues in Social Media

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